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"The present title not only examines the strategic and economic aspects of Six Sigma, but also gives practical examples of how to implement them. The book is based on the concerns of European companies: The data base is the result of the Six Sigma implementation in a Siemens company area. What applies to the electrical industry, however, can also be applied to other branches of industry and their suppliers. Six Sigma can be used not only for automated large-scale production processes, but also in the small series and individual production. "- QZ Quality and Reliability, Issue 07/03

Brief Description
Six Sigma is not just about quality. Six Sigma is a holistic company strategy focused on long-term success, focused on optimizing and aligning business processes with customer expectations and needs. Six Sigma can be integrated into existing business processes without further ado. This book describes an implementation strategy oriented towards productivity goals, the description of business processes by key figures and financial parameters, and how entrepreneurial potentials can be derived from this. The book shows the impact of the Six Sigma method tools on the basis of practical examples, which also include the role of the suppliers. This book is intended for executives and employees in the manufacturing and service sector, as well as for managing directors, consultants and trainers. You profit from the experience of well-known companies. You will find out which steps and methods lead to success, how to select suitable business areas, define productivity targets, define relevant processes and control and monitor the implementation.


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