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Lean Basic Training

Lean Expert Basic Training

Principles and Fundamentals of Lean Management

Target Group: 
Executives of manufacturing and service companies, who wants to implement Lean Management as a company-wide philosophy or to extend the existing process improvement methods to lean elements.

Lean Management ensures that processes are optimized along the entire value chain. Through the introduction of a continuous improvement process in the company, the processes are sustainably improved and maintained at top levels.

Lean Management Means:
• Concentration on added value
• Consideration of the value chain as value stream
• Implementation of the flow principle
• Material flow according to the pull principle
• Anchoring of Improvement-KATA and Coaching-KATA as an improvement philosophy

Results of Lean Management and Lean Management Projects:
• Efficiency increase in processes by avoiding waste
• Productivity increase through lean processes
• Increased adherence to deadlines and output.
• Significant reduction of throughput times, stocks, space requirements and reaction times
• Stabilizing and improving the quality of processes and products / services
• Anchoring a sustainable improvement culture
• Methodological development of the employees. Use of employee potential / ideas

Training Goal:

The training provides the foundations for lean management and shows the development of the production systems as well as the principles of lean thinking, which are taken into account in company culture, processes and organization. On the basis of practical exercises and a simulation game "Cup Simulation", the recognition of waste is trained and it is taught what Lean Management can do. The design principles of Lean Management are explained in training. An overview of lean management methods and lean management tools offered.


With our expertise and practical experience, we support companies with coaching and consulting in the implementation of Lean methods. We have extensive project experience in Lean Production, Lean Administration, Lean Development, Lean Development and Lean Innovation. Our support can include, for example, Lean Assessment, the design of a value-oriented process chain in a defined area, and the comprehensive introduction of Lean Management.

1. Tag - 4. Tag:

• Introduction and Agenda
• Lean Management Basics
• Introduction to Lean and Lean Thinking
• Cup Simulation 1. Round 
• Lean Metrics 1. Round 
• Types of waste 
• Tools to make waste visible
• Workplace organization, 5S
• Cup Simulation 2. Round 
• Lean Metrics 2. Round 
• Presentation and discussion of group work


After the end of the training the participant receives the "Certificate Basic Training Lean Expert"For an in-house training, we will be happy to make an offer.

Training Duration:
4 days of training, respectively: 
- Mondays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm,
- Tuesdays to Thursdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Scope of Services and Participation Fee:

Course Costs: 2.290,- EUR plus VAT
The participation fee has to be paid before the start of the course.

The Service Includes:

• Detailed training documents as pdf file on USB stick
• Certificate "Certificate Lean Expert Basic Training"
• A pleasant training atmosphere in the hotel with excellent catering and the best service


Place                              Beginning                                        End

Düsseldorf                   23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020

Düsseldorf                   26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020 

Stuttgart                       23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020

Stuttgart                       26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020 

Köln                               23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020

Köln                               26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020 

Frankfurt                      23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020

Frankfurt                      26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020 


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