Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Training

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Practical Examples and Concrete Instructions to Execute Projects

Target Group: 
Engineers, scientists, engineers and technicians from research and development, production planning, manufacturing and quality management from manufacturing and service companies.

Training Goal:
SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation offers a challenging training program for Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, carried out by experienced Master Black Belts. In an intensive, practice-oriented training, the participants learn the individual phases in the realization of Six Sigma projects. They are empowered to lead project teams, select the appropriate Six Sigma tools, successfully apply them, and lead Six Sigma projects to success. From training week two, each participant will present their project progress in the form of project reviews.


1. Week: Define and Measure
• What is Lean Six Sigma?
- Presentation of the Lean Six Sigma strategy
- Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in the company
• Tasks of the Blackbelt
• Customer request, VOC "Voice of Customer", CTS "Critical to Satisfaction" tree, SIPOC
• Process mapping
• Cause-effect diagram, error-possibility and influence analysis FMEA
• Basic descriptive statistics
• Key figures for measuring process performance
• Analysis of measurement systems
• Process capability
• Lean Six Sigma Roadmap
• Presentation of the participants' Lean Six Sigma projects
• Trainings with MINITAB®

2. Week Analyse

• Project review
• Lean Six Sigma Roadmap
• Areas of trust
• Simulation
• Statistical tests
• Variance analysis
• Calculation of Power and Sample Size
• Correlation and regression analysis
• Multivariate analysis
• Training with MINITAB®

3. Week Improve

• Project review
• Lean Six Sigma Roadmap
• Statistical experimental planning DOE (full-factorial and partial-factorial experimental plan)
• Statistical Experimental Planning DOE (Multiple Response Optimization)
• Practical course "Catapult Experiment"
• Training with MINITAB®

4. Week Control

• Project review
• Lean Six Sigma Roadmap
• Statistical experimental planning (DoE III (Respone Surface Methodology)
• Tolerance Design
• Quality charts for quantitative and qualitative characteristics
• Financial assessment of Lean Six Sigma projects
• Overview Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
• Training with MINITAB®


After the end of the training the participant receives the "Lean Six Sigma Black Belt" certificate.
After passing the SSI - Six Sigma & Innovation exam and successfully completed the Lean Six Sigma project, the participant is awarded the "Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt" certificate. The test takes place on an additional day. It is completed in written form on the basis of questions with multiple answers and takes 4 hours for all participants. The content of the qualification corresponds to the Six Sigma concept of the American Society for Quality Management ASQ

Training Duration:
16 days training (4 weeks to 4 days each), respectively
- Mondays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm,
- Tuesdays to Thursdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and



This training can also be carried out in-house. For an in-house training, we will be happy to make an offer.

Scope of Services and Participation Fee:

Course Costs: 8.800,- EUR plus VAT
The participation fee has to be paid before the start of the course.

The Service Includes:

• Detailed training documents as pdf file on USB stick
• Numerous MINITAB® data files for the exercises
• Numerous Excel tools
Certificate Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
• A pleasant training atmosphere in the hotel with excellent catering and the best service


Each participant must have a laptop with the software Microsoft® Excel from 2003, MINITAB® from R15, Adobe® Reader® from 5.0 onwards.

Place                             Week1                                             Week2                                            Week3                                           Week4

Düsseldorf                   23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020                        11.05-15.05.2020                        25.05-27.05.2020

Stuttgart                       23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020                        11.05-15.05.2020                        25.05-27.05.2020

Köln                               23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020                        11.05-15.05.2020                        25.05-27.05.2020

Frankfurt                      23.03-27.03.2020                          20.04-24.04.2020                        11.05-15.05.2020                        25.05-27.05.2020

Düsseldorf                    26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020                       23.11-27.11.2020                        07.12-11.12.2020

Stuttgart                       26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020                       23.11-27.11.2020                        07.12-11.12.2020

Köln                               26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020                       23.11-27.11.2020                        07.12-11.12.2020

Frankfurt                      26.10-30.10.2020                          09.11-13.11.2020                       23.11-27.11.2020                        07.12-11.12.2020

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