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Innovation Consulting, Innovation Methods

With our innovation methods and our innovation process model, we completely support your innovation process.

The long term expectation for large organizations or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is organic growth and cost reduction. For small enterprises, growth and cost reduction demands can be significantly higher. Effective innovation provides the solution to meeting this growth and cost reduction demand. The need for growth and cost reduction creates the need for an innovation process model. An innovation process model provides the framework for identifying and developing the ideas to deliver value and to create sustained growth.

Requirements for in an innovation process model:

•    Simplicity:        Is the model easy to understand and use?
•    Structured:      Delivers the model a structured innovation?
•    Descriptive:     Is there sufficient detail to enable the usage?
•    Assessable:      Does the model enable measurement and provide framework for identifying and developing                                         the ideas?
•    Predictive:       Does the model provide success and risk probabilities for described outcomes?
•    Timely:              Does the model provide assessments, measurements that enable innovation opportunities in a                                  timeframe that will lead to success?


Results of an effective innovation process model:

                                 •    Provides a framework and promotes innovative ideas
                                 •    Supports agile identification of new sources of innovation
                                 •    Reduces time to market
                                 •    Reduces innovation risks and risk of competitive disruption
                                 •    Increases ROII (return on innovation investment)
                                 •    Enables long term growth and cost reduction

In summary, an innovation process model is a key element for competitive advantage and is critical for sustained growth and cost reduction in today's business environment.

With us you achieve structured, disciplined, systematic, continuous and sustainable innovations. Our Innovation Process Model (IPM ®) and our New Generation Design For Six Sigma ® methods are applicable without limitation to incremental, constructive or disrupting innovations. Our Innovation Process Model (IPM®) and our New Generation Design For Six Sigma® methods are not a conceptual study, but a successfully introduced innovation process model and innovation methods in the area of ​​business, product, service and technology innovations in large organisations or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Many organizations focus only on innovative ideas. Collecting, selecting and managing innovative ideas does not yet ensure an innovation process. In order to market innovative ideas quickly and to market them in the form of useful and high-quality customer products, proven innovation methods and tools are required within the organizations, from R & D to manufacturing, sales & marketing, purchasing and supply chain. Our Innovation Process Model, IPM ® and our New Generation Design For Six Sigma ® methods provide you with all the necessary tools, methods and support in your innovation process.

With our innovation consulting, you can improve the degree of maturity of the product or process, minimize the risks of innovation, install a sustainable innovation culture and sustainable innovation management, improve the stage gate system, improve the quality and consistency of the data used in gate decisions.

With SSI's innovation consulting and the "learning by doing, using and interacting mode" (DUI-mode), you can achieve :


Quantum leaps in top-line growth and buttom line cost reduction.

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